Will you perform outside?

  • Yes. However, due to the delicate and valuable nature of our instruments, we do have limitations.  
  • We do not play in rain, fog, snow, high winds, temperatures below 65 F, nor extreme heat &/or humidity. 
  • We need to be placed in the shade as direct sunlight is harmful to our instruments and causes eye strain. Please do not place us under trees that drop sap, fruit, acorns, etc. 
  • We do not play in mud or wet grass without a water-proof barrier between us and the ground (ex. a tarp).

How long can we book you for? 

  • Typically we are able to play for several hours. For receptions and parties that last 1.5 hours or more, the musicians will take a 10 min break each hour.

What instruments are in a string quartet?  

  • A traditional quartet is comprised of: 2 Violins, 1 Viola, and 1 Violoncello

Will you perform at multiple venues for a single event?  

  • Yes, we will.

What is your attire?

  • All musicians representing Felicity wear “Concert Black” to all events. For indoor venues this means long black for women and men. Outdoor venues may see a change in length, but all members will be respectfully dressed in all black. 

Can you play a special piece for me that is not in your current library?

  • Yes, this may be possible. While not all pieces/songs translate well into strings, we do have ways of getting arrangements for most requests if given enough advanced notice.

Do you play at events other than weddings?

  • Yes! While wedding ceremonies and receptions are our most popular requests we also play for dinners, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. 

How many musicians should I hire?

  • The ideal number of musicians depends on multiple factors: your budget, the size and type of venue space, your preferred style of music, and access to amplification. Our manager is more than happy to help you make this important decision.

How much space do you need?

  • A full quartet requires a space approximately 10 feet by 10 feet square that is within sight of everyone who will be providing signals that may be needed to be conveyed while the musicians are playing.
Where are you located and how far do you travel?
  •  Our members live in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Our preferred range for travel includes areas in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.
Do you require a contract or a deposit?
  • Yes, we require both. In order to reserve us for your event we need to have a signed contract and a cleared deposit in hand. The balance is typically due 2 Fridays before your event.
What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept both paper checks and online payments. Our online options include: Zelle, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.